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My Little Terror…. I Mean Angel

Jun 21, 2012

Back in February I introduced you to Barkley. Since then, he has grown up, a lot, and I wish it would stop! Luckily he will stay below 10lbs, but he is still growing up too fast! He sleeps in my bed, I know bad decision, but who can say no to that sweet face! My favorite part of this little dude is he always wants to cuddle, lick my face, and when I return home, he runs to the door and greets me with a huge doggy style grin. Who doesn’t love that? He recently stayed at a doggy hotel while I went to Charleston, and he got hurt. He is so hyper and social around other dogs, he had too much fun playing, awww. A tiny bone near his knee cap popped out, luckily, he didn’t need surgery but a splint for two weeks.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram (@mckenziesarah), you can follow all his craziness and adventures!

Opie even decided to join in on the picture taking fun!

A few months ago, my friend Kasey took our pictures!

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  1. Poor baby in his splint! I love the one of his name tag 🙂

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